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Current Reads On FP: Life Quality, Buttercream Cookies And Recovery.

It’s finally Thursday so let’s take a sweep through the last week on the blog. We made some chocolate buttercream cookies, need we say more? And we have new articles from some of your favorite guest writers. This and much more can be found below!

Dag Kättström has written an article about recovery. Some of us have been hit pretty hard these last few weeks and it can take a long time to recover from difficult events. But we all have access to a deep evolutionary force that we share with all living things. Read more here about why what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

A few weeks ago, we were desperately craving chocolate. Our brains, who usually think of green smoothie and turmeric, suddenly started thinking about things like cookies and buttercream. One theory could be that we simply just craved chocolate. Another that we longed for peace and quiet. In a troubled world, we needed to bake something from our childhood that reminded us of security. Chocolate buttercream cookies, only we’ve made them à la Food Pharmacy. You can find the recipe here.

Speaking of food – follow us on Instagram if you haven’t already! We share our best recipes like apple cake and our wonderful crisp bread. Check it out here.

Helena Önneby has also written an article about tough times but from a slightly different angle. How many of us aren’t busy planning for the future right now? How many have thought; when this is over, then I can start living again? Well… read here and find out what Helena’s article, how to create quality of life even when life is tough, can do to help you in the now.



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