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Current Reads On FP: Gardening, Gut Flora And Sweet Potatoes

Thursday! And since we were off over Easter and didn’t start working until Tuesday, this was a really short week. But you know what? We haven’t missed a beat. The site has continued to publish exciting things that you can read about below.

Our new guest editor Graeme Jones has written an extremely interesting article about our microbiome and its impact on our mood and immune system. His article can be found here.

Katarina Wilk had been wondering if she would write anything about the virus at all, but as a health journalist specializing in medicine, she found it difficult not to dig into the medical studies that are now beginning to emerge regarding the COVID-19 virus. Hence why her latest article deals with the misconceptions of what we are told in the media. Read the article here.

This week Cecilia Nisbet Nilsson offered an unbelievably good recipe for crispy sweet potato strips. Eating according to an autoimmune diet, or AIP, means that you exclude a range of foods for a certain amount of time. This is done to give the gut and intestinal mucosa good opportunities to heal and thus achieve good results with the diet and relieve, or become completely free of, symptoms of, for example, autoimmune disease, allergies and chronic stomach problems (IBS). Unfortunately, during the elimination, all potato plants are excluded. Sweet potatoes are not potatoes but a root vegetable! You can find the recipe here.

Perhaps you’ve also been keeping up with Mia’s gardening adventures on our insta stories (follow us here), Mia has planted leeks, kale and bok choy! Stay tuned for more updates!



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