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Time To Stock Your Vitamin Bunker

March 2020. Thes spring rain comes and goes and a doft of wet dog lingers here and there, it’s also apparently time to start bunkering is in full swing. Sitting at FP headquarters we read through slightly amusing lists of the most common things that people bunkering in lieu of the virus pandemic. Unsurprisingly: hand sanitizer and toilet paper. A little more surprising: powdered milk and bratwurst.

Though we ourselves haven’t joined the bunkering movement, we understand the point – not least because it provides security and a calm to feel well prepared. It’s easy to stare blindly at foods with a long shelf life in bunkering times, but don’t forget to also stock some foods that can strengthen your body and your immune system so that if you fall ill, you’ve given your body a bit better conditions to fight off an illness. So, while you’re bunkering away – why not stock a vitamin bunker too!

A little inspiration:

  1. Bunker fruits and vegetables! Go directly to the freezer section or freeze at home. Frozen vegetables in many cases contain more nutrition than those harvested prematurely, shipped long distances and keep on open shelves.
  2. When buying dry goods – focus on nutritious grains and cereals such as quinoa and buckwheat instead of nutrition poor white rice and white pasta.
  3. Buy various kinds of legumes!
  4. Nuts and seeds. To bake with, snack on, sprinkle as toppings.
  5. Remember fermented. Healthy and long-lasting!

With these things in the freezer and pantry you can feel even more secure with your nutrient hunter style bunker . And at the very least, you will have boosted your immune system, not only for your own sake but also for others.

Here’s a recipe for how you can use all those legumes your about to buy. Korean plant-based meatballs – p.s. these work well to make a triple batch and freeze.


Korean BBQ Plant-based Meatballs

  • By : Food Pharmacy
  • Servings : 15 meatballs 1x


1 can kidney beans

1 garlic clove, crushed

1/2 yellow onion, finely diced

1 tsp dried thyme

1 Tbsp tomato paste

1 tsk tamari sauce

1/2 cup rolled oats

1/3 cup sunflower seeds

salt & pepper

Korean BBQ sauce:

4 Tbsp Honey

2 Tbsp chili paste

1 Tbsp Tomato paste

1 Tbsp Tamari sauce

1 tsp sesame oil

1 tsp finely minced ginger

2 garlic cloves finely minced

season with salt and pepper


Preheat the oven to 350F/175C. Rinse and drain the kidney beans. Sauté the onions and garlic in a pan with a bit of oil and a splash of water until softened.

Pulse the sunflower seeds in a food processor into a fine meal. Add the beans to the food processor and pulse several times. Add the rest of the meatball ingredients and pulse until well combined.  Season with salt and pepper.

Form the dough into about 15 meatballs. Bake the meatballs on a lined baking sheet for about 15 minutes and gently flip them halfway through the baking time. Allow to rest on the pan while preparing the bbq.

Heat up all of the sauce ingredients in a pan until simmering, add a tablespoon or two of water if too thick then gently toss the meatballs in the sauce. Garnish with sesame seeds and chopped green onions.



Serve with red rice or white quinoa and steamed broccoli for a complete meal.

This text was first published in the SvD Perfect Guide



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