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How To Get Your Daily 500 Grams Of Fruits And Veggies

500 grams is the recommended daily amount of fruits and veggies we should all be striving to consume everyday. And while 500 sounds like a lot it really isn’t, especially when you kind eat them up through delicious smoothies like the one we will show you today.

This smoothie contains a whole kilo of vegetables, so if you share it with someone else you’ll get your daily 500 grams. Or you could just save half for the next day and stay a step ahead of yourself!

Voilà, 1 kg of veggies!

Another good reason to make this smoothie is the flavor combo of celery/pear. If your lacking sweetness, add one more pear. If you miss a little sting, focus on more ginger. You understand where we are going with this…

celery hearts pear

The best thing about smoothies is how minimal effort they require. We do not peel or core our fruit and vegetables but throw them all in the mixer. Many people have become accustomed to not eating the seeds and peels, even though they contain lots of nutrients. We consider it a game almost to try and use up everything that is edible of our produce. It’s good for us and good for the environment.


Celery Smoothie with 1 kg of Veggies

  • By : Food Pharmacy
  • Servings : 2 large glasses 1x


2 sticks of celery
1 avocado
300 gram kale
1 big handful of spinach
1 lemon
1 large piece of ginger
1 pear


Scoop out the flesh of the avocado and add it together with everything else in a high-speed blender. Mix until smooth and enjoy!



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