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Current Reads On FP: Fasting, Stocking Up On Vitamins And Ramen

Spring is in the air! The snow has melted, the sun doesn’t go down at 3pm anymore and the tips of our tulips are peaking through the dirt. Hence why we have a bright green vegelicious ramen on the menu this week, get that recipe below plus a catch up on this week’s articles.

Hello Dag, we like you. And we like your latest article on fasting. What does current science and evidence say about fasting and health benefits? It’s hard to make accurate studies and easy to just point out things that support what we ourselves believe. And when it comes to food and health, there are a lot of strong emotions tied into the debates. Read more here.

Although we have not joined in on the bunkering as of late, we understand the logic behind it. We thought it would be helpful with a simple guide about how you can avoid filling up cupboards with nutrition poor items and stock up on vitamin rich foods instead. All the better for your immune system too! Check out that article here.

Are you a ramen fan? Yes, well then you shouldn’t miss this recipe with mushrooms, miso and ginger. Full of lots of green goodness too! The only downside is the same as any ramen, it’s a slurpy splish splash mess to eat but the pluses definitely outweigh the minus.

Katarina Wilk was also back this week with more on perimenopause and how it curiously varies from region to region how women are affected by this stage in life. Interesting read!

One last article to add to your reading list is Helena Önneby’s latest. Perhaps we should have started with this one since she’s talking about something that most of could use some advice on. She has created a free simple guide on how to identify your inner critic and invite another voice instead, your inner best friend.



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