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FP Podcast – Dr. Chatterjee (entirely english episode)

Exactly 1 year ago we were rushing in the car, late for an interview and out of last minute desperation we parked in a loading zone. We ran in with our hearts in our throats and made it by the skin of our teeth. That day was the first time we met the famous British doctor, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee. 

We hung on every word he said, if you haven’t listened to him yet or read his books, we highly suggest you do! He has a way of effortlessly making the world of health and wellness completely accessible to everyone and breaks things down into achievable steps and habits for those of us living in reality.

If you’re wondering if we got a parking ticket? Yes, yes we did, but it was worth every penny!

Fast forward to today and lucky us we got to chat with Dr. Chatterjee again about his latest book The Stress Solution only this time we were early enough to have a cup of coffee pre-interview. Plus, we had an even more splendid time than the last. We covered topics like taking micro-pauses, meditation and the importance of self-love. 

Minus the parking ticket this time too!

If you’re in need of a micro-pause then take a stroll on your lunch today and listen to our entirely english episode with Dr. Chatterjee. If you are then curious to hear the first interview, you can find that one here (warning: some of our side notes and ads are in Swedish in the one from last year).One last thing… We’ve shared some of our secret plans with you for what FP has up our sleeves in 2020 but we left one thing out. This entirely english podcast episode is just one of many to come! We plan on launching a new international podcast with more all-star guests like Dr. Chatterjee and cover topics that affect public health on a global scale. We always love to hear our readers and listeners input, head over to our instagram and comment in today’s post topics or guest you would like to hear on the new podcast!



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