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Current Reads on FP: Swedish Semla, Perimenopause And Coronavirus

If you haven’t acquainted yourself with a Swedish semla, then friends it is high time to do so! February is the month of semla in Sweden and we’ve tried about 40,000 recipes to find you the best nutrient hunter friendly versions out there!

If you are a total newbie to semla then perhaps you should start with the more classic version here. But if you are short on time and still want to enjoy the wonders of this almond, cardamom and cream flavored delight then go with our almond blondie cake here (it’s a fast but none less delicious version of semla)

While you’re waiting for your semla treat to finish baking then we suggest you go in an read Erik Hemmingsson’s latest article regarding the media and reporting around the hot coronavirus headlines.

Psst – don’t forget to add the following two articles to your reading list either…

Paul Clayton wrote a deep dive into the world of chronic inflammation and it’s correlation to our diets, mainly processed foods. He gets into topics like the lack of Omega 3, polyphenols and fiber as well as sugar and toxins in overcooked foods.

Also, every woman we know is, at some point in her life, going to go through the stages of menopause. Katrina Wilk is shedding light on topics that don’t make it into the big headlines but are extremely relevant to real life. Her latest article covers the confusion there is about symptoms that can feel like burnout but are actually perimenopaus symptoms. If you are a woman or have important people in your life who are women then you should read her articles!

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