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Current Reads On FP – Passive Aggressiveness, Functional Medicine And Red Beet Dip

Finally Thursday! There is so much to like about this day. That there is only one day left until Friday. That we have lunch together in the office. That we will meet an old friend and have dinner tonight. And, not least, that we summarize the past week on the blog!

She has done it again. Helena, that is. This week she wrote about how we can use the wisdom that functional medicine contributes in other parts of our lives as well. Perhaps by asking the question Why? more often. Read this article here.

On to our meditation guru April. This week it is about passive aggressiveness. Raise a hand if you’ve ever been passive aggressive? No sorry, of course you would never. But for those of you who are just curious about the rest of us passive aggressive people read April’s article and learn a practical exercise on how to get around the problem.

In case you missed it, it was World Cancer Day on Tuesday and we published a short article about widely unknown link between lifestyle and increased risk for cancer. A message worth spreading so that people from all different socio-economic backgrounds can at the very least be informed. It’s not too late to spread the message so in an read it here!

Rödbetsröra och fröknäcke

To end on a light and cheery note, we think you should take a peek at our latest recipe – Red Beet Dip, that is colorful and bright and everything February needs. It’s so pretty you won’t even want to dip anything in it!



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