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Current Reads on FP: Botox For Your Lady Parts, Valentines and Fasting

Completely bananas but it is mid February which means that 1) it was the Oscars gala yesterday, 2) it will soon be March (with a little good will) and 3) it is time for a new current reads!

Our new menopausal expert – Katarina Wilk has written a can’t miss article about botox for our lady parts. Enough said, go in and read it here.

This week we also want to tip about Dag Kättström’s latest article – does fasting help with depression? Answer: Yes! Though we won’t reveal the answer because we think you should read the article, so you’ll have to click here.

As Valentine’s Day is approaching we will of course have you covered with a Lovely Love Day recipe but you’ll have to come back tomorrow for that one sweetheart! Sorry to tease but keep an eye out on our insta.

Oh, by the way, perhaps you saw it on instagram but incase you didn’t… we were at a book gala the other night and our cookbook won platinum! We literally can’t wait to publish it in English for all of our lovely Food Pharmacy readers beyond the Swedish borders! We’ll keep you posted of course, so stay tuned!!!

We can’t help but to toss one more into the week’s mix because the other day we posted a dinner recipe that was superb! We made a new take on cabbage rolls, making them more nutrient dense and flavored with indian spices! Definitely needs a spot on our ‘recipes to try’ list!



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