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Get To Know The Latest Guest Writers On FP

Along with the roll out of our new site, FP has also added several more brilliant minds to our guest editors list. If you haven’t gotten familiar with them yet then you can read a little bit about each of them below and click their names to read their great articles!

Therese Elgquist

If you’ve followed us regularly then you’ve surely noticed Therese. Our paths were crossed for the first time several years ago in connection with the fact that we were preparing recipes for our cookbook, and since then we have continued to work together. Therese is a food creator and food stylist with a focus on plant-based food and sustainability. 

Henrik Ennart

Before Henrik started writing for us we were smitten by his articles in SvD (Swedish Newspaper) for several years, so imagine our delight when he hopped on board the FP train! Henrik is a gold medal-winning science journalist at Svenska Dagbladet, where he writes about food, lifestyle, environment, health and aging. He is also the author of half a dozen books, including Happy Food and The Blue Food (where Henrik and Niklas Ekstedt explored the blue zones – the places on earth where the chance of being 100 years is greatest.) At the end of last year, Henrik wrote an article about the most dangerous pesticide that most of us don’t know about. That article became one of our most read ever. You can read that one here.

Katarina Wilk

Welcome aboard Katarina! Katarina Wilk is our latest addition to the nutrient hunter’s team. She is a health and medicine journalist who specializes in fitness, health and medicine. One and a half years ago she released the book Perimenopower: Your Essential Guide to the Change Before the Change, and here on the platform she will write about hormones and menopause. Katarina will describe what the latest research is telling us, how societies around the world view menopause, what symptoms may arise and how they are often mistaken for depression and burnout and what lifestyle changes you can make to feel better. 

Rebeca Eriksen

The first time we met Rebeca was when we interviewed her for the Food Pharmacy podcast. Then she gave us the opportunity to take a gene test. Mia found out that she has a tendency for high cholesterol and since that day we have continued discussions with Dr Rebeca. Dr Rebeca is a trained nutritionist in England and researches at Imperial College London in parallel with running private clinics in London, Marbella and Sweden. 

Helena Önneby

May we introduce one of the coolest people in the world – Helena Önneby. After being diagnosed with six different autoimmune diseases, she chose to find her own path to healing and well-being. Today she works as a coach, lecturer and author of the book  Pure Personal Power: Tools to Collect on a Healing Journey which is partly about her own health journey. Here on FP she writes about holistic health and personal development. 

Dag Kättström

Dag Kättström is a science and consumer journalist with a special interest in diet, health and biomedical research. And not least, he is an expert on fasting (something that, as you know, we are very curious about and have been practicing for a few years now). Dag shares personal experiences with fasting diets, as well as the latest research in the field. His goal is to help the average joe learn how to live a long and healthy life.

The EQ Gym

And last but not least we have April Wickström and her super exciting EQ Gym. Our insta followers know that April runs her absolutely magical meditation classes in our office every morning and afternoon currently. In these classes, April uses a variety of techniques that take you beyond your thoughts and help you to heal your subconscious. Meditation, really? Yeah! Through meditation you can gain awareness, self-esteem and self-love. While her FP mediations may only be available in Stockholm, April shares a wealth of knowledge regarding mindfulness and how to gain control of your brain here on the site so check out her articles. 



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