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Current Reads on FP, Food Pharmacy

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Current Reads On FP – Hormones, Menopause And Kale

So what happened around FP last week? Tons! We read two books, saw the third season of The Crown, baked brownies with black beans, been…. Sorry, perhaps you were wondering what you’ve missed on FP this past week?  Well, In that case then you can read all about it below:

Henrik Ennart posted a new article with us. And Henrik, as you know, covers an array of topics, this week it was about the diet that builds bridges and that meals have become politicized! Telling people what you eat and often reveals which party you vote for! Read more here.

Plus, we’ve got a new writer for the site! Katarina Wilk and she has written the superb book Perimenopower, which is about how to find your superpower when your hormones feel like a roller coaster. In Katarina’s first post “The Truth About Menopause” we get an introduction to why it is so taboo to talk about menopause. Read here.

En tallrik med grönkålssallad

From hormones to kale – today we published a new recipe from the wonderful chef Therese Elgquist, a delicious kale salad on the menu, check it out here.

Last week on instagram we left you hanging. This week, the time has come to reveal one of our “secret” projects – We are planning our developing some of our own supplements and foods. Just like the last time we made supplements, we are going to take you on the journey with us. Both in the form of you being able to participate and think about the work done during the journey, to how it works when building a company. Many of you have been asking for a little more insight into what it is like to be an entrepreneur and build a company, and since the plan with our blog is to go on becoming more personal and reflective, this will be a great way to let you in behind the scenes. As part of starting our own food product line, we have hired Sara from Saltå Kvarn. So from the beginning of January, Sara devotes her days to sourcing, scanning and researching the best possible options on the market. We’re not quite there yet, but soon we will finally be able to offer health-promoting foods. The goal with them is that you should never even have to wonder if the ingredients list is acceptable – we will not compromise.

And last but not least, we are looking for people to interview on the pod. We have decided to do a deep dive into autoimmune diseases and their connection to lifestyle (especially diet). We’ll also be interviewing experts in the field, we also want to hear stories from reality. Have you been affected by an autoimmune disease and managed to slow it down with lifestyle change, and want to share your story in our pod? Or do you know anyone? Write an email to:



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