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Current Reads On FP – Fasting, Toxic Temps And Meditation

Christmas is over. Sorry, but we were almost throwing in a “finally” in the previous sentence. Or is it just us who feel a certain love/hate for Christmas? We’re guessing we are not alone in that thought, however nice it is to have a few extra days off, it’s quite nice to come back to everyday life too?! Incase you have been in complete hibernation mode, here’s what’s been on the blog lately – the history of fasting traditions, the importance of prioritizing our health and why we should lower cooking temps a few degrees.

Let’s start with fasting! The day before Christmas Eve, we published Dag Kättström’s latest article in which he writes about the ancient phenomenon of fasting. So, fasting isn’t a hot new trend, but something we have been doing since ancient times. Read here.

Helena Önneby’s latest article about prioritizing yourself and your health is a must read too. Helena’s point is that those who think they don’t have time to take care of their health sooner or later have to set aside time for illness. And the bonus of not waiting for a diagnosis but staying ahead of things now is how much more effective you end up being because you feel great. Read her article here and contemplate what small changes you can make today for your health? The next time we get to read something by Helena next Tuesday and then it will be about the body’s amazing self-healing ability.

Another fun thing that happened this week was that team FP welcomed two new colleagues in the office: Maria-Finances and Sara-Product Specialist. Which means that Maria will make sure that everything at FP is on the up and up and that Sara will help us once and for all kick off a product line that boosts public and planetary health. Exciting! The only ones not visible in the picture are Mia (as usual behind the camera) and Sebbe (as usual in the podcast studio). Cassandra is actually in the picture, bonus points if you find her!

And of course, also on the read list is Dr. Paul Clayton’s latest article on cooking processes that you shouldn’t miss. Dr. Clayton calls for warning signs on french fries, burgers, soft drinks and sweets. It’s all about cutting down on meat and lowering the temperature as you cook. Read this thought-provoking article here.

In addition, we can tell you that we have finally started our meditation classes here in the office (those of you who follow us on insta have likely noticed). Every morning at 7.15 – 8 and every afternoon at 17.30 – 18.15 we turn off the lights, light candles and cover the floor with cozy blankets and pillows. And then we close our eyes in a group and let April Wickström guide us through a 45-minute meditation.



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