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5 Quick And Simple Budget Recipes

It’s January and the wallet is about as thin as a thin strand of hair. So we just thought we would fill today’s post with five awesome budget recipes. Who doesn’t love a budget and time friendly recipe?

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Green Pea Soup

Our taste buds start tingling just thinking about this soup! So simple, delicious and cheap, what more could you want for a weekday dinner, right? This one went on repeat at our house all fall. Recipe here.

Our Best Tomato Sauce

This tomato sauce is better than your average tomato sauce, as you can tell by the name. The ingredient list itself doesn’t necessarily knock you off your chair but trust us that the umami seasoning does the job. Soooo nom! Serve with vegetable noodles or bean noodles. Recipe here.

Curry Lentil Stew With Sweet Potatoes And Cauliflower

A good tip if you want to save money when shopping is to focus on in season vegetables (also kinder to our planet). We’ve noticed that the sweet potatoes are currently a good deal and made an extra large batch of this casserole to last for several days. Recipe here.

Smoothie Bowl

Who said that a dinner needs to be hot? Some days you have neither the energy nor the desire to cook and a super smoothie is the perfect solution. This spiced carrot smoothie bowl is warmed by all the classic winter spices, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom. Smoothies are flexible so feel free to substitute something to your liking. Recipes here.

All-In-One Dish

Last but not least, an all-in-one dish. This one takes the form of a hash and is made with root vegetables. And don’t forget the mustard sauce, it’s what makes the whole dish. Recipe here.

In addition to these five recipes, here’s a reminder that buying package free vegetables is often cheaper than prepackaged, plus you avoid packaging waste. Also, dive into the freezer section more often, plenty of good finds there.



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