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It’s No Wonder That Executives Everywhere Are Joining This New Trend

To get you extra hooked on meditation, here’s the proven meditation golden list from The EQ GYM’s teacher – “The monk dude”.  Our friend and teacher is a monk since 20 something years back, and he is a self-proven expert in the benefits of meditation. 

The monk dude says:

1. Our escalating war with distraction and stress.  

85% of doctors visits are stress related. We desperately need an alternative to medications with harmful side-effects, or non-prescribed drugs with their set of problems.

2. Brain related meditation research.

Modern advances in brain monitoring technology have enabled a huge and growing body of meditation research which validates the practice as having a long list of scientifically verifiable benefits with virtually no downside.

3. Adoption by influencers.

Business icons like Steve Jobs and Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn, as well as a host of Hollywood celebrities, cite meditation as one of their keys to success.


Here are just a few of the benefits reported from the research.

  • Improved stress management capabilities
  • Increased emotional intelligence
  • Improved focus
  • Better decision making skills
  • Better personal relationships at work and at home
  • Increased creativity

Let us tell you that now is the time to learn to meditate. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that executives everywhere are joining this new trend. The EQ GYM uses a couple of different techniques to transcend, meaning to go beyond your mind to visit your subconscious, to do what? Both unconsciously and consciously release trauma from your inner child. 

This is a guest post. The opinions expressed are the writer’s own.



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