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Boxing Day Ham Sandwich À La Food Pharmacy

Today you will get the recipe for a so-called Cederburger. We chuckled writing this one, but of course it is not as entertaining for those of you who don’t know that Mia’s maiden name was Cederberg before she married. When Mia was little, her Dad always whipped up a Cederburger the morning after Christmas with some of the leftovers. At the time the Christmas ham was the main component of the sandwich, but today we’re giving it a try with the recipe we shared yesterday for roasted celeriac.

And, well… the results were obviously NOM since we’re posting it, how could it go wrong with the combo of our christmas bread, applesauce, spicy mustard and chopped kale?!

Christmas Ham Sandwich à la Food Pharmacy

1 slice of FP’s christmas bread
2 slices of roasted celeriac
1 teaspoon coarse spicy mustard
1 tbsp applesauce
finely chopped kale

Make a sandwich with layers of all these ingredients and enjoy the last of your christmas feast!



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