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All Emotional Pain Comes From Resistance

What do you resist?

It is the darkness, the lack of energy, the loneliness or what is, that makes many of us feel anxious around this time each year. And perhaps not only this time a year, maybe in this time in life. In this decade of quick fixes and pain relief, it takes courage, presence and self care to stay with our discomfort, our boredom and our uncertainty, even for a moment. 

And when the escape mechanism no longer works, we are stuck with our selves. And we panic. What will happen if we, just for a moment, let everything be just as it is? What if panic and anxiousness is resistance? And what if what we resist persists? Would it then be a good exercise to expose your unhappiness? What is inside you, that you can’t stand? Emotions? What is it with emotions that is so damn painful for us to feel? Why is the sensation of emotions sometimes worse than let’s say a headache or muscle pain?  

Is it change that scares the shit out of us? Maybe your are going through a divorce, moving out from one place and in to a new one. Maybe you’re falling in love, or falling out of love. Maybe you just quit a job, or maybe you’re starting a new one. Changing path in your life somehow. Different  experiences of death and rebirth. 

What if we flip it around. What if the biggest happiness is one that celebrates our deepest unhappiness!? What if the soul doesn’t want you to protect it from emotions by some escaping mechanism, what if it only want your to be present? Maybe the soul doesn’t give a fuck about circumstances – it only wants you to feel whatever enters the body, without evaluating it. 

This is where we believe meditation comes in. It may not help to meditate once a week or not even once a day. However, it helps when you become conscious about feelings and thoughts. And The EQ GYM believe meditation will help you get there.

So how do we meditate? The EQ GYM have free guided meditations on youtube, or you can send me an email and I will send you a link. We will Also offer classes i Januari in Stockholm. So stay tuned!

With Love,

This is a guest post. The opinions expressed are the writer’s own.



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