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3 Non-Alcoholic New Year’s Drinks

Non-alcoholic drinks quickly raise the party mood for those who do not drink alcohol. Here are three different suggestions for drinks that are festive enough to be served as a welcome drink or at the big Twelve O’clock on New Year’s Eve.

Christmas Drink

We were hooked on this already in mid-December, but it works for any holiday festivities you have planned, even New Year’s. Maybe serve it with our holiday cheese ball when the guests arrive?

Kombucha Cosmo

Kombucha is a great base in any drink but especially non-alcoholic ones. Click here to get recipes for both Kombucha Cosmo and Kombucha Mojito. 

Plato’s Bubbly

Sometimes less is more. We first showcases this glass of bubbly in our book The Nutrient Hunter. All it is, is 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass topped off with carbonated water. If you want to add a bit more dazzle then toss in a few frozen raspberries. 



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