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Time to Learn to Meditate!

But first, to get you extra hooked, the proven meditation golden list from The EQ GYM’s friend and teacher – “The monk dude.”  Directly from Silicon Valley, also known as Google and Apple meditation teacher. 

1. Stress Relief

Research: Hundreds of studies have demonstrated how meditation reduces stress. 

Stress Management Research

This one really is a no-brainer. But let’s take a closer look at how important that is. Excessive stress weakens your precious immune system which protects you not only from little annoyances like the flu, but also from big bad problems like cancer. Stress is huge deal. Manage this and you’ll enjoy better sleep, greater peace of mind, better digestion, less anxiety and better all round health and well being. Just this one makes it worth the effort. But there’s more…

2. Concentration and Focus

Research: Since meditation is a concentration exercise it should come as no surprise that it improves, well, concentration. But someone felt they had to prove it:

Concentration Research

Apple CEO Tim Cook says Apple is the most focused company he’s ever come across, and they seem to be doing ok, so maybe he’s onto something. Focus is the big secret of success that every professional coach talks about and every creative leader struggles with. Imagine if it became your default mind-set. Think of the mental energy you’d save if you could concentrate better, resist distraction easily and home in on what matters, every day. You’d finally start harnessing the power of your mind, and that’s big!

3. Creativity

Research: While there is tons of anecdotal evidence that meditation enhances creativity, there are very few studies, because creativity is so hard to measure. But there is at least one:

Creativity Research

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo’s famous statement is as true today as ever. As imagination feeds innovation, new ideas are the life-blood of modern business. Some companies, like Disney, set aside rooms for dreaming up new ideas. With meditation can just walk into that room inside your own head. And when you connect directly to your inner source of ideas you come up with solutions that would never have occurred to you before. And that one right idea can make all the difference.

4. Clarity

Research: Stanfords ccare research project has demonstrated how compassion based meditation helps to regulate emotion and support clarity of mind.

Regulating Emotions Research

When the mind is unclouded by emotion we can view ourselves and the world from a different perspective. This gives rise to a clearer kind of thinking, less affected by our ego-centric bias. In fact it feels like more than just clear thinking – it can lead to a more direct kind of knowing.

With this broader point of view confusion dissipates, priorities fall into place and clear decisions arise out of a harmonious blend of reason and intuition.

Let us tell you that now is the time to learn to meditate.

This is a guest post. The opinions expressed are the writer’s own.



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