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Saffron Balls For The Holiday Mingle Season

I saw some of the first snowflakes of the season today and could almost simultaneously feel the holiday season start too. Time for cozy mingles and warm beverages, sparkly outfits and mistletoe. Saffron definitely belongs to that list too. Beautiful, fragrant and elegant, everything this time of the year needs.  Here’s a simple but cheery recipe you can use for this holiday season when you need something to go with your mulled drinks at holiday get togethers.

Pro-tip: Make a large batch and freeze in so you have enough for the whole season. I like to eat my semi-thawed. Then they are cold and chewy and extra good.

Saffron Balls
(serves 10 balls)

1 ½ cups raw cashews 
1 cup of coconut flakes
8 fresh dates
1 tbsp cold pressed coconut oil
¼  teaspoon salt
.5 g / 3/4 tsp of saffron + 1 tbsp hot water
2 tbsp raisins (optional)
½  cup cacao nibs (optional or sub toasted chopped hazelnuts)

1 cup coconut flakes for rolling

Pulse the cashew nuts, coconut flakes and salt into a flour consistency in a food processor. Add the dates and pulse again. Stir the saffron into hot water in a small cup and then pour into the dough along with the coconut oil. Pulse again until everything is combined. When the batter starts to pull together it is ready to be rolled into balls. Although if you are adding the raisins and cocoa nibs then do so before removing the dough and pulse briefly just until combined.

Roll into balls and then in the coconut flakes. 

Store the balls in the fridge or freezer. For nut-free recipe replace cashew with sunflower seeds.



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