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Breakfast Bowl For Mini Nutrient Hunters

A few weeks ago we had an event that was a mix of children and adults. We had a bunch of blenders from our Bosch sponsor and after we talked about being a nutrient hunter, fiber and smoothies we said “ready, set, go” and they kids got to go bananas and create something nummy. 

From the mixers came chocolate shakes, bright red smoothie bowls and yellow yogurts, everything turned out so good!  But, since then we have had a hard time thinking about anything else but one of the breakfast bowls made by one of the teams. We had to ask for the recipe so that we could share it on Food Pharmacy and here it is. 

Aline’s Magic Smoothie Bowl
(serves 2)

1 avocado
plant-based yoghurt
2 dates
1 large handful of spinach
some frozen mango
1/2 banana

chia seeds
pumpkin seeds

Mix the smoothie and pour into a bowl then top with the toppings and enjoy your nutritious breakfast.



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