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What Is An Eq Gym?

Five years ago when we started to take an interest in our health, we focused solely on the food and what we put in our mouths. We fixated on how we could improve our health through new eating habits? We started a blog, wrote a few books, started a pod, and right there is where this post could have ended if it weren’t for the fact that we weren’t yet quite tip top. Darn it all! Despite all the artichokes and turmeric shots, something was still off.

Then one day April appeared in our lives, waiting for the door to a whole new world for us. We told April how we were feeling and she taught us the importance of looking inward, accepting all emotions (not just happiness) and taught us to meditate. Today, meditation is actually as much a part of our lives as a green smoothie.

Hence why we’re so elated to roll out April’s EQ Gym with you here on the blog. For us, learning to flex and train our emotional brain muscles has been a game changer. On second thought, it’s actually rather odd that we attend school for 10 years (minimum) improving our IQ daily through, math, science, language, biology…but we generally receive zero guidance or learning in regards to our EQ – a.k.a. Emotional Intelligence

Go in and read April’s first post here, here and here. And keep in mind that no matter how many green smoothies you drink, it’s hard to be completely healthy if you’re not good to yourself.




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