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Hot Chocolate x 4

Fall is upon us my friends, the air is crisp, raindrops keep falling on our heads and suede shoes are clickety-clacking everywhere. Time for some warm and cozy drinks! And who doesn’t like hot chocolate? Whether you’re a white chocolate kind of person or you’re all about adaptogens we’ve got you covered, we even found a nutrient hunter’s dream – red beet hot chocolate!

Vit chokladmjölk

Vegan White Hot Chocolate

Have you ever heard of something so decadent? This recipe uses cacao butter which isn’t exactly an at home staple but those who have tested it can attest the luxurious buttery chocolate touch it lends. Worth the effort to find and add to your shelves at home! This recipe is from the minimalist baker, one we’ve followed for awhile and can warmly recommend!

Chokladmjölk i kastrull och muggar

Maca Hot Chocolate

A recipe that tastes good and does good, this one combines cacao and maca. Maca wha? you say. Maca breakdown: a perusian root the has a flavor profile of vanilla, caramel and nutty. It is an adaptogen and is said to increase both energy and sex drive (ahem, make a double!). If you like us realize that you have a bag of maca laying around that you once upon a time bought then this is how you should use it up! Love and Lemons is another great site, by the way, we like to follow for inspiration, check out the instagram here.

en kopp varmchoklad på soffan

Food Pharmacy’s Hot Chocolate 2.0

This hot chocolate is more of a classic, but classics are a classic for a reason right?! Sometimes though we throw in a twist and add a few chili flakes.

2 fresh dates, pitted
1 tbsp cold pressed coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla powder
2 tbsp raw cacao
2 cups plant-based milk
1 pinch chili flakes (if you’re feeling bold)

Mix everything in the blender and then warm up in a pot. Fill a thermos to bring on an adventure or pour into some cozy mugs. 

Rosa varmchoklad

Beet Hot Chocolate

Oh, and this one is too lovely not to toss in this collection! @amychaplin is yet another super insta tip, unfortunately she doesn’t share the recipe here but you can find it in her book called “Whole Food Cooking Every day” – 250 vegetarian recipes free from gluten, dairy, and refined sugar. Definitely worth looking into by the sounds and looks of it! Either way you at the very least have a new delectable insta feed to check out!

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