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Chickpeas Soup with Thyme, Pine Nut & Mushroom Topping

What goes better with fall than a bowl of warm soup?! We recently shared a quick green pea soupwith you but this time we’re going with chickpeas. If you’re a hummus lover like us then hold onto your hat because this easy soup will be your new go to favorite for the next few months.

The secret lies within the various topping combos. This one for starters:

En gul soppa i en kastrull

But also this here:

Person som rör bland nötter och örter

And when you put it all together, you get this bowl of beauty:

kikärtssoppa i en skål med topping

Definitely not to be forgotten though is a dollop of coarse mustard! It gives this robust fall dish a lift. One easy soup that definitely delivers on both flavor and elegance. 

Chickpeas Soup with Thyme, Pine Nut & Mushroom Topping
(serves 4 portions)

2 cans cooked chickpeas
1 yellow onion, diced
1 garlic clove, crushed
2 bouillon cubes
fresh thyme
1 tsp coarse mustard + more for topping
salt & white pepper

cremini mushrooms, quartered
olive oil
pine nuts
fresh thyme

Drain the chickpeas and pour into a good sized soup pot. Cover with water and toss in the rest of the soup ingredients except for the salt and pepper. Bring to a simmer and cook for about 20 mins until everything has softened. Use a hand blender to puree the soup or a blender that can mix hot liquids for an ultra smooth consistency.

Season with salt and pepper. If the soup is too thick, you can just add a bit more water.

In a separate pan, toast the pine nuts and let cool in a bowl. Sauté the mushrooms with some olive oil and a good pinch of salt until most of their water is released and they begin to have golden crispy edges. Toss the mushrooms in the bowl with the pine nuts and add some freshly chopped thyme. 

Serve the soup warm with the mushroom topping as garnish and a dollop of the coarse mustard, let the cozy fall feelings come over you and enjoy! 

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