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Blood Sugar – Why It Matters, Even If You Don’t Have Diabetes

While there are almost an innumerous array of tests and panels that we can use today in our quests for optimal wellness, glycemic variability (swings in blood glucose levels) is perhaps one of the most accessible and valid predictors by which we can measure general health and longevity. 

Many of us are unaware of what our blood glucose levels are. But perhaps those numbers are more interesting than they seem. Hidden blood sugar issues can be a contributing factor to weight loss resistance, poor energy levels, and on a more serious note, lead to insulin resistance and type ll diabetes. Having chronically high blood sugar and/or type ll diabetes significantly increases your risk factors for developing chronic diseasesneurodegenerative diseases and cardiovascular disease

While there are biotech companies currently working on technologies that would make finger pricking a thing of the past and be able to read your blood glucose levels transdermally, the easiest method currently available is a glucose meter with strips. Educating yourself about how to interpret your readings as well as when to test (i.e. Fasting, pre-meal and post-meal/postprandial) will not only help you to keep yourself in a greener zone in terms of your bill of health, it will also help you to understand how specific foods affect you personally. Research has shown that two people eating the exact same thing can yield two completely different glucose responses.  

Varying glucose responses to same food items is yet another reason why a universally healthy diet will likely never be effective and we should take a personal approach to our health and nutritional needs. Testing your glucose responses to foods and tracking your glycemic variability is a great way to develop an understanding of what works for you. However, it is worth keeping in mind that just as stated at the beginning of this article, blood glucose is one of many biological indicators we can measure on our quest for optimal health but don’t fret obsessively over every reading.  Stress is no better for the body than high blood sugar!

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