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The Ultimate Dinner

Tonight we’ll be having dinner guests, so earlier this week after the kids had gone to bed, we sat on the couch with a warm cup of tea and ordered our groceries online (then we gave ourselves a pat on the back for being so modern and efficient). All jokes aside though, is was unbelievably effortless and nice to be able to skip finding the time to physically go to the store! 

Over the years we have had our share of dinner with friends. Those evenings have ranged the gamot, from well planned dinners with fancy detailed menus to last minute improv dinners. We have had dinners where our guest did the cooking while we chilled on the sofa after a long tiresome week and we’ve even come close to causing a full-on allergic reaction because, surprise!, the Mexican dish Mole Poblano contains not only chocolate but peanuts too, woops!  And this next one is sure to have of few of you raising your hand to too – we’ve even had dinners where we had forgotten about the invite only to answer the door in our slippers and find dressed up guests with flowers in hand and hungry eyes (which resulted in ordering pizza), we still wince when we recall that moment, usch.

All of those memories combined though, the best ones, the ones that stick out, are usually the ones where we cooked together with our guests. When we chopped and boiled and burnt things together. Regardless of how the food turned out, the evenings were memorable and the relationships grew closer. So that’s really what we wanted to inspire you about today. Sure we have planned the menu tonight with eggplant rolls for the starter, Luke Skywalker’s palak paneerfor the main and almond plum cake for dessert, we’ve even pre-set the table, but the evening will be cooking that menu together with friends instead of stressing to get everything made at precisely the right time. 

Next time you’re feeling the stress of our busy everyday lives in this modern world and you’re counting down the days or perhaps even minutes until your guests arrive, suggest a cook together evening and let each other’s company be the highlight of the evening, not just the perfect execution of a menu. 

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