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Plate Trick to Reduce Plastic Wrap

If you’re a modern day human with access to media of any kind it’s hard to go even a 24 hour period without hearing about plastics, the climate and how there are 1 million ways in which we can contribute to a more sustainable future.  But lucky for humans of our time, a quick search on insta is all you need to find great usable tips for things like kitchen hacks and sustainability tips. Our latest insta scroll inspired us to share something we’ve been doing both in the office and at home and thought it was worth a mention.

Truth be told it’s a simple trick (and you might already be using it too, but the more who jump on the sustainability bandwagon the better!). We’ve been doing it for years, although in full disclosure, it may have started due to being too cheap to buy plastic wrap or too immature to invest in actual food containers. But either way, if you find yourself wanting to cut back on plastic to preserve your leftovers and aren’t ready to commit to alternatives like a stack of beeswax wraps then just throw a plate on it! Keep the food in the pot or bowl and place a plate over it, this also makes thing stackable in the fridge for those of us who always seem to need more space in there.

Less dishes and 1000 times better for our dear earth then all that one time use plastic.

Go plate trick!

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