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Quinoa Sushi for Nutrient Hunters

Let’s imagine that you’re 1) focusing on plant-based foods, 2) trying to avoid nutrient-poor fillers, and 3) getting a sudden and insanely big craving for sushi. What should one do then? Eat sushi, of course! Since team Food Pharmacy is all about possibilities instead of elimination, here comes a very exciting recipe for sushi for all other nutrient hunters who find themselves in the same predicament that we described. We’re not saying that we never eat regular sushi while out and about in the real world – but as a nutrient hunters we undoubtedly prefer this variety.

What is not visible in the picture is the magic dipping sauce we enjoyed. You can easily make it with ½ cup vegan mayonnaise (see our recipe here) and 1 tbsp tamari. You will find a similar recipe in our cookbook. 

Nutrient Hunter Sushi 
(serves 4)

4 nori sheets
1 cup of quinoa
3 tbsp white tahini

270g/9 oz. of tofu
1 bell pepper

sesame seeds

Boil the quinoa according to the instructions on the package and allow to cool. Mix tahini into the quinoa and divide the quinoa mixture out over the nori sheets.

Fill the sheets with your preferred combos from the fillings ingredients. We used tofu (directly from the packaging), peppers, avocado and salad. Get more creative then our list and take what you have at home or play with seasonal vegetables.

Tightly roll up your sushi rolls and seal the ends with a little water so they stick together. Use a sharp knife and cut the roll into 2 cm thick pieces. Top with sesame seeds and wasabi!

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