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Plato’s Summer Bubbly

We are in the middle of the summer months of June, July, August and vacay time has just begun. We intend to stay far away from the city and fully enjoy the sun, wind and water on Sweden’s beautiful west coast for several weeks. The anticipation is killing us! In a few weeks, our third book, The Nutrient Hunter, will release in Sweden, and after months of intense typing, we feel well worth a few weeks of rest. But before we make ourselves too at home in the hammock we feel it necessary to celebrate the finished book script with a glass of sparkling wine.

Wine, you say, but what does your gut flora think about that?

When we try to explain our approach to food and health, we often turn to our dear friend Plato and his first-class theories. For those who are unfamiliar with some of his concepts, Plato’s theory, the World of Forms, consist of two worlds: 1) the world of ideal forms (the perfect ideal) and 2) the perceptible world (reality).

Plato was likely not overly interested in turmeric and green smoothies, however we still like to think that it is possible to draw parallels from his concepts to our relationships with food. 

Simply explained, one could say that if the ideal world consists of the research and science that exists about how we should eat and drink in order for the body to maintain optimal form, then we, our children and our cravings are the perceptible world. We strive for optimal, but also surrender to reality.

In the perceptible world (a.k.a, reality), it is impossible to be perfect, and that’s OK. What would life be if we didn’t fall for temptation now and then?

Today we fell for the temptation to cheers with a luxurious glass of bubbly. On another day we might thank kindly but decline and instead fill our glasses with some Plato’s summer bubbly instead. Which is without a doubt our absolute best substitute for champagne. By the way, the recipe is also in our new book (have we mentioned that the book script is finally ready?). Cheers!

Plato’s bubbly
(1 glass)

bubble water (carbonated spring water)
1 tablespoon raspberry vinegar

Pour bubble water and the vinegar into a champagne glass and sip just as you would with a glass of champagne. For a nice touch toss in a fresh raspberry!

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