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Mix Things up This Summer with Alcohol-Free from Time to Time

Just because we are a few days into August doesn’t mean that the summer is over. On the contrary! Sure, the days are getting shorter, but in August the water is usually warmer and it doesn’t require as much self-talk to get into the water beyond your knees.

During the vacay season one glass of rosé frequently turns into two. Even we are guilty of this pleasure. Fortunately, drinks with a lower alcohol content (or none at all) are quite popular right now and it’s about time. Mocktails served now a days are as good as the originals. You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re giving something up when making the choice though like, replacing a glass of champagne with a splash of lukewarm juice or a kool-aid like alcohol-free red wine.

Body and health are good reasons to make the choice but another could be for the sake of children. Too many children grow up with someone near them who drinks too much. The Central Association for Alcohol and Drug Information, CAN, estimates that about 100,000 children in Sweden live with an adult who meets the criteria for alcohol abuse. According to the National Institute of Public Health’s calculations from 2008, it can be as many as 380,000 children.

Why do we drink? Well, when CAN did a survey on alcohol consumption in Sweden, it turns out that we usually drink alcohol because we like the feeling of “having a glass”. Another common motive among the respondents is that parties and other events become more fun with alcohol. Less than one in twenty drinks to forget about problems or not to feel left out.

Perhaps it’s time to question why we bare that perception of that the  party is more fun with a lot of alcohol. And, is it really? If you think about how many children are suffering from adult alcohol consumption, perhaps the fun doesn’t go all the way around the table.

Give it a try, why not give yourself and children a happier summer. Test a few alcohol-free alternatives, or skip the alcohol completely. Mix up a glass of Plato’s bubble or one of the Soki Choi’s kombucha drinks. No one will be disappointed!

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