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A Tribute to Nature’s Intelligence

The other day my eyes watered as the spring sun finally peaked out, still sensitive from the long dark winter. Even though I kicked off the year with a meditative health retreat by the sea, the forces of darkness have been extra hard on me this year. And though I know nature must have its course, it is with open arms that I welcome the green and life-giving spring that nature now gently shines forth.

Although my debut book Kimchi and Kombucha can and should be read in many different ways (depending on which glasses you have), the book is primarily a personal tribute to nature’s intelligence, and at the same time a serious warning bell to us humans. Because in hindsight it’s evident that homo sapiens, in our brutal advancement, have not handled nature’s intelligence particularly well. The fact that mother earth is back now in full force with everything from climate crisis to health crisis really just confirms one thing: we have insulted nature’s intrinsic intelligence long enough, which we pay a high price for, namely chronic diseases and mental ill-health of epidemic measures.

In our ferocious pursuit of ever-increasing material prosperity and artificial intelligence up in the clouds, we have only just taken note of the health status across all systems which, as of year 2019, is suffering: the earth does not feel good, society does not feel good and we humans do not feel good. Not only that: the organisms in our intestines do not feel good either. We have also been extremely successful in eradicating plants, animals and other living ecosystems outside of our bodies. As well as the eradication of vital bacteria and ecosystems inside of our bodies. A little sad considering that the rapidly growing mountain of studies coincidentally indicates that the bacteria in our intestines seem to have a crucial role for our health and how we feel.

With that said, I am delighted that both South Korea and Japan, despite modernization and financial success, succeeded in countering several unhealthy influences from the West and preserving a multi-thousand-year-old culture characterized by plant-based and fermented food. It is natural food stuffed with lots of bacteria and fiber, which seems to reward the two countries with the longest lived lives in the world. And, if anyone has not yet understood that it is time to replace McDonald’s and Coca-Cola against Kimchi and Kombucha, then I just say one thing: look at the president of the big country in the west, and perhaps you will realize that it is high time to look east for inspiration for a healthier future. Right now in fact, my fine team from my publisher is in South Korea to get inspiration for health trends from the East. Good timing since K-pop and K-beauty are also taking over the pop-culture scene right now.

Food for thought: did you know that the K-pop boy band BTS is compared to the Beatles and that their album is the first in a non-English language to top the Bill Board list? In addition, they recently set new records on YouTube with 45 million clicks in less than 24 hours? It testifies that new times are underway inspired by South Korea. It gives hope for a brighter and healthier future. So follow me and look east!

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