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Making Our Own Kombucha: Step-By-Step Guide

Those of you who are regulars here on FP have seen our latest kombucha endeavours. Today, as promised, we’re providing a summary of the entire guide. Here you’ll find a step-by-step to produce your very own kombucha at home!

To make your own kombucha you’ll need:

  • A SCOBY + starter liquid
  • Water
  • Black, green or white tea (tea leaves or bags – without additives which could kill off the bacteria – we used plain black tea for growing the SCOBY and White Peony for the brewing of the kombucha)
  • Sugar
  • A large glass jar (3-4 Liters/Quarts), a piece of cloth and a rubber band
  • A few bottles and labels

The easiest way to make your own kombucha is to start with a ready SCOBY and starter liquid from someone who is already up and running or purchase a starter package online. However, if you’re looking to start from scratch and even grow your own SCOBY then we have the full instructions here.

Once you’ve completed the list above then it’s time to get going with the brewing process. And for that we suggest Soki Choi’s basic recipe, trust us it won’t steer you wrong.

Basic Recipe: Kombucha with White Tea
(17 cups total)

12 cups of water
4 tablespoons white tea (alternatively 8 tea bags)
1 cup raw sugar
4 cups kombucha (starter liquid)

Boil the water then add the tea and sugar and stir. Allow to cool to room temperature. Strain out the tea leaves (or remove the tea bags) and pour into a large, clean glass jar. Add the kombucha (starter liquid) and add the SCOBY. Lay a thin piece of cloth over as a cover and fasten using a rubber band. Leave the glass jar unattended at room temperature for 7-12 days. Take a sample on day 7 (use a clean straw so no dirt ends up in the kombucha) and continue testing every day until you are satisfied with the taste. When the kombucha is ready, keep it in the refrigerator so that the fermentation process stops. If you’d like to know more about this step then click here.

When the homemade kombucha is done you may also choose to add flavor. Don’t worry, flavouring the kombucha isn’t as complicated as it may sound. Just add fruit juice, fruit or berries containing sugar to well-cleaned bottles (1 part fruit juice, fruit or berries to 4 parts kombucha). Leave them at room temperature for 2-4 days. Then place in the fridge to prevent further fermentation. For flavor combination tips and more click here.

And if you want to learn how to make mocktails with kombucha then take a look at Soki Choi’s recipes here!

Lastly, just for the sake of being orderly and making this process less intimidating, here are all the steps 1-4 you’ll need plus mocktail recipes and a little more!

Making Our Own Kombucha: the Preparation Phase (step 1)

Making Our Own Kombucha: Growing a SCOBY (step 2)

Making our own kombucha: basic recipe (step 3)

Making our own kombucha: Adding flavors (step 4)

Kombucha mocktails for New Year’s

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