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Cleaning + Vinegar = Good Combo

Our colleague Julia has gone on a complete cleaning craze, and with an interesting ingredient…vinegar. She is about as obsessed as we are with intestinal flora, she has conquered stains, molds, lime deposits and bad odor with vinegar. FP gives it a thumbs up because at the same time that you’re cleaning, you’re helping out the environment. Plus, it’s cheap!


In Julia’s bathroom you will not just find shampoo and conditioner but vinegar too. With vinegar, lukewarm water and a sponge she goes to town on old shampoo stains, dirty toilet seats and tiles. Since vinegar neutralizes bad smells, it is also good for pouring some vinegar directly into the toilet, then leave it overnight and any smelly odors will disappear.

The kitchen

When Julia cleans the oven, she mixes vinegar and some juice from a lemon in a bowl and gives it a wipe down. She then runs the oven at full temp for a few minutes, waits for it to cool down and wipes everything off. Voilà, a clean and fragrant oven! Julia says to let you know that you can also scrub wooden cutting boards and kitchen benches with vinegar and lukewarm water (but avoid kitchen counters that are stone).

Windows and mirrors

No windows are as clean as Julias. Perhaps that’s in thanks to the vinegar? Mix vinegar and lukewarm water and spray onto mirrors and/or glass then wipe clean.

Laundry Room

Last but not least, you can actually try washing with vinegar. It does not replace detergents but has the great ability to remove unwanted odors. Her best tip: Try pouring a few drops of vinegar in the next time you wash, for example, training clothes that smell super sweaty! P.S. good job for working that hard to get them that sweaty!!



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