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Plant-Based Protein (part 3)

It’s time for the third and final part of our blog series on plant-based protein (you’ll find the first post here and the second one here). And once again, our beloved blog-chef and protein expert, Therese Elgquist, is taking the wheel.

In her previous posts, we’ve learned about the difference between animal and plant-based protein. Today, Therese provides us with a glorious list of great plant-based foods with high-protein content. Let’s go!

Top 10 Sources of Plant-Based Protein

A source of complete protein. Mix soaked whole buckwheat into overnight oats, add to a smoothie or cook with oatmeal for a warming porridge. Soaked or roasted, the whole grains are also good for baking. Roasted, they’re a great topping for your favorite salad or porridge.

A source of complete protein. A filling protein-rich base for salads, veggie patties, as topping or in wraps or porridge.  

It’s basically quinoa’s twin. We usually have a jar of boiled quinoa, sorghum or some other base in the fridge – saves almost any meal!

Roasted chickpeas are perfect as snacks and will spice up any soup. Also, add them to your favorite salad or mix them into a hummus. Flavor your hummus with herbs, beets, sweet potato, or whatever you feel like. The sky’s the limit!

A source of complete protein. Choose from whole soybeans (they come in many different colors, but green and white are probably the most common ones) or soy foods such as tofu, tempeh and soy milk.

Beluga Lentils
A filling protein-rich base for salads or wraps. Add some to your oven-roasted root vegetables and you’ll have a great addition to the buffet table.

Hemp Seeds
A source of complete protein. Small seeds to sprinkle on top of porridge, or add to your granola, smoothie or salad.

Pumpkin Seeds
Easily toasted in a skillet on the stove or in the oven. Wait until they pop, then add to your favorite salad or eat them as they are. Or mix into a green pumpkin seed butter!

Put some peanut butter on your morning porridge, or add to a smoothie, waffle or dressing. And of course, eat whole nuts as a snack.

Nutritional Yeast
A deactivated yeast with a strong nutty or cheesy flavor – the perfect substitute for cheese. Sprinkle over a plant-based risotto, baked kale chips, oven-baked root vegetables or a pizza. Or mix into a pesto with kale or spinach, garlic and herbs.

Raw Cacao
We love chocolate and if you ask us, all smoothies and baked (raw or not) goodies get so much better with a little bit of cacao. Yummy!

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