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Halloween Apple Jaws

And just like that, POOF it’s Halloween time again. And just like every other year, we (at least here in Sweden) are left wondering: when exactly are we supposed to celebrate? The general census seems to agree that it is in fact October 31st, but do we Swedes really dare to celebrate in the middle of the week? Wouldn’t the nearest weekend be more agreeable?

After a quick check with google, there seems to be neither right nor wrong here. Apparently, it’s okay to celebrate Halloween any of the days closest to it, including the days leading up to All Saints’ Day. But, just to keep us on our tiptoes here in Sweden, it seems the norm that children tend to celebrate sporadically throughout the whole week, leaving us to frantically search through our empty pantries – and occasionally deciding that a few outdated coins will have to do the ‘trick’.

So, to give you a fighting chance at being prepared, we share with you today these frightening apple jaws. Whether your Halloween party will be the 26th, 27th or 31st of October or the 1st, 2nd or 3rd of November. These jaws are goore-a-liciously Halloween themed and a stark contrast to everything else that is typically munched on during Halloween.

Halloween Apple Jaws

2 red apples
3 Tbsp optional nut butter
2 strawberries
sunflower seeds for the teeth

Cut an apple into four pieces. Slice out a wedge from the middle of the skin side to create the mouth. Spread a thin layer of nut butter in the lower jaw. Push in sunflower seeds in the upper jaw to mimic front teeth and place a thinly sliced strawberry in the apple jaw for the finishing touch, the tongue. Plate up on a platter and frighten/serve any trick-or-treaters who might come knocking this Halloween!


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