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Why You Should Always Choose Organic

An organic tomato is more expensive than a conventionally grown tomato. We know. Even so, we always choose organic over conventionally grown produce. Want to know why?

In a review of existing research published in the journal Environmental Health, a group of researchers identifies several benefits of organic food production for human health. In particular, the experts conclude, organic fruits and vegetables have lower levels of pesticide residues than conventionally grown food. The study, commissioned by a committee of the European Parliament and co-written by researchers from several European universities, was coordinated by Assistant Professor Axel Mie, affiliated to both Karolinska Institutet and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

In conclusion, the evidence indicates that chemical residues in conventionally grown fruits and vegetables can cause major health risks. Several studies have focused on brain functions in children in relation to prenatal pesticide exposure, and high pesticide exposure during pregnancy has been associated with, for example, adverse mental development in young children.

Newborns and infants are particularly vulnerable to the effects of pesticides. According to research, five-year-old children have higher risk scores for development of ADHD if they have an increased level of pesticide residue in their urine. Consumption of conventionally grown foods may also increase the risk of allergies and obesity.

That being said, studies show that consumers who buy organic food tend to eat less meat and instead choose more vegetables, fruit and whole grain products – and, as you may know, each of these dietary characteristics is associated with a decreased risk for chronic diseases. Consumers who buy organic are also more physically active and less likely to smoke. Therefore, all connections between organic food consumption and health need to be adjusted for differences in dietary quality and lifestyle factors.

Nevertheless, if you buy conventionally grown tomatoes, they will contain pesticides (do you really want a pesticide-laced salad?). But the good news is that studies have shown that pesticide residues in urine can be markedly reduced after only 1 week of limiting consumption to organic food.

Still having a hard time choosing between organic and conventional tomatoes? Try your best to limit pesticide exposure (yes, buy the organic tomato), but first and foremost, eat your veggies. Choosing conventionally grown food is far better than not eating fruits and vegetables at all.

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