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Food Pharmacy’s Elderflower Pancakes With Raspberry Whipped Cream

Elderflower is a very common bush in Europe (yes, in Sweden too), but we’ve heard it’s not so commonly seen in the States. It has a wild fragrance and the creamy white blossoms are edible. The taste is light, floral, musky and sweet. We’ve all heard about elderflower cordial, but what about elderflower pancakes? A couple of years ago, during a particularly rainy Swedish summer, we went to Denmark in the hope of sun and warmth. We got neither of those, but we did get elderflower pancakes!

This is our own take on the recipe. With only three ingredients – banana, egg and of course, elderflower – they are childishly easy to make. And since you steal the elderflower sprigs from a nearby park (or pick them from your backyard), they’re incredibly cheap as well.

Elderflower is not only tasty, but also valued for its health benefits – mainly because of its high vitamin C content. So, put on your clogs (or Swedish hasbeens) and go for an elderflower hunt before it’s too late.

Elderflower Pancakes à la Food Pharmacy
(4 pancakes)

1 banana
2 eggs
4 elderflower sprigs

Raspberry whipped cream
3.5 oz raspberries
0.5 cup whipped coconut cream

Mash the bananas in a bowl, add the eggs and whisk using a fork. Fry pancakes on low heat in coconut oil. Pour 1/4 cup of the pancake batter in the frying pan and top with one elderflower bouquet (only the flower and not the stem). Turn halfway through cooking. Serve with raspberry whipped cream.

Do I need to boil frozen raspberries before using them?

Yup, it’s probably a good idea. Due to the risk of norovirus, Swedish consumers are advised to boil all imported frozen raspberries for at least one minute prior to consumption.

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