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EAT For All – Tonight’s the Night!

Hats off to EAT and Gunhild Stordalen! EAT is a non-profit founded by the Stordalen Foundation, Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Wellcome Trust. Their mission is to transform our global food system through sound science, impatient disruption and novel partnerships.

In 2014, the first ever EAT Stockholm Food Forum took place, an annual and unique conference that gathers the brightest minds from science, politics, business and civil society from over 50 countries. The EAT food forums seek to drive progress and coordinate action across sectors and disciplines to tackle the intertwined challenges of the global food system. Amazing! The 2018 EAT forum is this week at Annexet and Quality Hotel Globe i Stockholm.

But, how can we create a more sustainable food system? Luckily, we’re not the only ones interested in knowing the answer to this. Thank you Gunhild Stordalen, for EAT Foundation, for gathering experts and organizations, and for tackling the complex health and environmental challenges presented by our global food systems.

We cannot believe it’s true, but we’ve actually been asked to take part in this year’s conference, in our own way. We recently kicked off a collaboration with Clarion Hotel and together, we wish to create awareness and bring attention to the importance of food sustainability, and the connection between food and health. It’s time to get started!

Tonight, we are the co-hosts of EAT For All, an event at Clarion Hotel Sign in Stockholm. We start off with a lecture, and then dinner – Green Table Dinner – by chef Marcus Samuelsson and Kitchen & Table Norrmalm.

Tonight’s the night! We have so many butterflies in our stomachs. Hope to see you there!

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