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Our Morning Routine

It’s early morning, and we’re in the midst of dreaming about mint green pelicans and world peace when the alarm goes off. Obviously, we turn it off. But what happens afterwards?

Ice Cream
Yes, you heard it right. Our kids eat ice cream in the morning. It’s quickly prepared by combining frozen berries, green banana and some plant-based milk in the blender. Yup, it’s just as easy as toasting a slice of bread. Add some cinnamon, cardamom or raw cacao, and sprinkle some berries, nuts or coconut on top.

Witches’ Brew
While the kids have their ice cream, we eat a tablespoon of Bertil’s brew. You don’t necessarily have to drink it in the morning, but hey, if you want to make sure you don’t forget, make it part of your morning routine. If we don’t have a bottle of the witches’ brew at home, we prepare some of Zlatan’s anti-inflammatory turmeric shot. They both contain lots of turmeric and other great stuff that will help strengthen the immune system.

Apple Cider Vinegar
If we’re in a hurry, with time for neither witches’ brew nor turmeric shot, we start the day by having a big glass of water and about a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar. Out of vinegar? Squeeze some lemon instead.

Green Smoothie
In a perfect world, the world of ideas, we skip breakfast in order to give our cells an opportunity to reboot. In the ideal world, we fast for 18 or 16 hours and eat over a period of 6 or 8 hours. But when the real world becomes too challenging, we fix things with a green smoothie. It’s almost ideal because the body doesn’t absorb raw vegetables until they’ve reached the colon. Basically, you can eat a little earlier than usual but still allow the organ rest and detox for another two to three more hours.

Coffee and Tea
We have our morning coffee or tea in the office. Nowadays, it’s usually a cup of tea. If you want to avoid most of the side effects from coffee, like headaches for example, black tea is a great substitute. Our next step is to replace the black tea with yerba mate. The yerba mate brew has been said to enhance both memory, mood, and alertness. It will offer the same strength of coffee in the morning – but without its side effects.

No breakfast?
On a regular weekday, we skip breakfast and don’t consume anything besides liquids for at least 16 hours. Our first meal of the day is usually lunch. Except on Wednesdays when we always have breakfast with one of our best friends. And of course, on the weekends, when breakfasts can be both long and luxurious. Luckily scientists say it’s enough to do intermittent fasting a few times a week!

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