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Chocolate Hummus – For When You Can’t Choose Between Chocolate and Hummus

It’s Friday, the sun is out (which is a welcome sight after the winter months), but unfortunately, the bright light is drawing some attention to areas that are a bit dusty and dirty. However, we’re not in the mood for cleaning. Not at all. Instead, we feel like making chocolate hummus. You would think that chocolate and hummus are as compatible as Tom & Jerry, but trust us – and please do not stop reading.

Just like regular hummus, chocolate hummus contains chickpeas. But that’s where the similarities end. This is more of a chocolate cake mixture. Who would think that a cookie dough could contain such large amounts of protein, minerals and fiber?

Skip the carrot sticks and slice some strawberries and apples instead. The perfect evening snack!

Chocolate Hummus
(1 bowl)

1 can chickpeas
1 green banana
2 Tbsp raw cacao
3 dates
0.5 cup coconut cream

Use a blender to combine. Add to a bowl and serve with fruit (or spoon the mixture into bowls and serve as chocolate mousse).

Want to add even more nutrients?
Yay, you’re becoming a true nutrient hunter! We suggest you sprout the chickpeas for a couple of days, instead of buying canned ones. But don’t forget to soak them before eating – don’t worry, it’s super easy. Just bring water to a bowl and remove from the stove. Then add the sprouted chickpeas to the water and wait five minutes. Done!

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