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Vegetarian Meatballs with Four Ingredients

Most of you know that we have a thing for short ingredient lists. And for this reason, no words can explain how excited we are about these lovely vegetarian meatballs. They contain only four ingredients: sprouted green lentils, cooked buckwheat, garlic and salt. Also, both of the kids in our tasting panel gave thumbs-up. And, as we all know, kids can be fussy eaters!

If you’re planning on sprouting your own lentils, this recipe will require five days of your time. But, obviously, we couldn’t include that in the headline. Short on time? Use regular cooked lentils instead. We haven’t tried this ourselves (since we love sprouting), but it should do just fine.

Vegetarian Meatballs
(around 20 pieces)

0.5 cup lentils (or approximately 2.5 cups sprouted lentils)
1 cup whole buckwheat
2 garlic cloves
a pinch of salt

Start by sprouting the lentils. Rinse them carefully before you add them to the jar. Here’s a step-by-step sprouting guide.

Cook the buckwheat as directed on the package, preferably until slightly overcooked.

Use a blender to mix sprouts and buckwheat with garlic cloves and salt. Shape the mixture into small balls. Cook over low heat in oil of your choice. Remove from the stove when golden. If they’re still soft on the inside, don’t worry. They will harden when they cool.

Serve with your favorite side dish. We chose carrot pasta and spicy sauce made from cashew nuts, curry, dates and cayenne pepper (recipe from our Swedish cookbook).

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