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Snake Fruit

Another amazing thing about this trip is that we’ve tried lots of new foods. For example:

1) Stingray. Not our cup of tea.

2) Mangosteen. Much better.

3) Snake fruit. As the name suggests, its skin really does resemble snake skin.

Since we had never heard of it before, we had to google number 3. We now know the following:

1) The real name is actually salak and not snake fruit. Basically because the fruits grow in clusters at the base of the salak palm tree.

2) It is native to Indonesia (hardly surprising since it’s where we are right now).

3) It’s high in vitamin C.

4) It’s loaded with iron.

5) Apparently, it helps you to avoid diarrhea, to build muscle mass, and will boost the memory.

We probably need a few more fruits before we start to notice any added muscle mass or improved memory. As for now, we can hardly remember what day it is.

The fruit consists of three lobes which resemble large peeled garlic cloves. Needless to say, it tastes completely different. The taste is usually both sweet and acidic, like a mixture of pineapple and honey. Mouth-watering.

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