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5 Family Dinners Under €50

Our amazing new family member Jullan is not only the best at organizing, interpreting fading receipts and cook – she’s also the best at saving money. Next week, Jullan is going to teach us how to eat well on a tight budget.

Everything will be posted on Instagram, so if you’re not a follower you’re going to miss out on something great. Head over to Instagram right now and find us: food_pharmacy. The recipes serve two hungry parents and two cute kids. Approximately €2.5 per serving. We promise that you will get delicious, home-cooked meals with plenty of treats for the good bacteria in your intestinals. As our dear therapist says: does it get any better than this?

So, if you’re up for it, check out our Instagram stories daily for updates. Starting Monday next week. And of course, don’t forget to do your groceries. For the whole week, this is what you need:

Avocado – 2
Fresh basil – 2 handfuls
Mushrooms – 5
Lemon – 1
Pomegranate – 1
Kale – 200 grams
Yellow onion – 3
Cucumber – 1
Fresh cilantro – 2 handfuls
Carrot – 5
Bell pepper – 2
Chili pepper – 2
Fresh parsley – 2 handfuls
Potatoes – 2 lb
Beets – 1,5 lb
Red onion – 3
Spinach – 3 handfuls
Sweet potato – 1
Tomato – 3
Vine tomatoes – 1 lb
Garlic – 2 bulbs
Apple – 1
Kidney beans – 1 can
Chickpeas – 2 cans
Quinoa – 1 box
Walnuts – 1 handful
Coconut milk – 1 can
Crushed tomatoes – 1 can
Ginger – 1 piece

And this is what you need to have at home:
Olive oil, salt, black pepper, chili flakes, and other herbs and spices of your choice.

If possible (and if you can afford it), buy organic fruits and vegetables. Jullan bought organic apples, bell peppers, lemon, avocado and pomegranate. And if you’re allergic to walnuts, go for sunflower seeds instead.

Jullan for president!

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