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With A Little Help From First Aid Kit

This is hands down the coolest thing we did last week:

We went to see First Aid Kit live here in Stockholm. This picture doesn’t do it justice though, because you can’t see Sebastian. Have a look at this one instead:

Here he is! Our very own Renaissance man and incredible podcast producer, Sebastian! Leftmost, close to Johanna, with lots of rattling percussion instruments in his hands.

We were completely blown away by their talent. And afterwards, we strutted around backstage, proud as two peacocks. We thanked Klara and Johanna five thousand times for recording a song for our latest podcast episode, talked about Crohn’s disease and bacteria with their drummer, chatted about diabetes and celiac disease with Klara and Johanna’s phenomenal mom, and exchanged hugs with Sebastian and Katja.

And, just so you know, we are willing and allowed to talk about things other than intestinal flora. It just randomly happened that way.

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