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Witches’ Brew

It’s Friday, and if you thought you were getting a yummy recipe for the weekend – you’re mistaken. We’ve recently interviewed Bertil Wosk, the founder of the supplement brand Holistic, for our Swedish podcast, and he provided us with the recipe for his very own witches’ brew.

As seen in the picture, Bertil’s brew is nothing less than a witch’s potion, made from whatever you can find between heaven (garlic) and earth (clove). Last week, we met up with Bertil in his kitchen, and found a large jar of this on this kitchen table. It looked like, let’s just say, it shouldn’t enter a beauty pageant. But it’s 2018, and who cares about looks anyway? According to Bertil, it works wonders for the intestinal tracts, and after seeing the list of ingredients, he’s probably right. Bertil drinks one tablespoon of this brew each day.

And nope, not a mistake. You’re supposed to add two whole garlics to the brew. So, to sum up, you can boil it down to this: it will help strengthen the immune system (advantage), and it will probably leave you with dragon breath (disadvantage).

Witches’ Brew

1 cup garlic, approximately 2 heads, chopped and pressed (let rest for 10 minutes)
1 cup onions, grated
1 cup ginger, grated
1 cup horseradish, grated
0.5 cup cayenne peppers, chopped
0.5 cup turmeric
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
1 Tbsp freshly ground clove
1 cup cilantro
Apple cider vinegar

Fill 2/3 of a large jar with a mixture of garlic, onions, ginger, horseradish, cayenne, turmeric, black pepper, clove and cilantro. Then add apple cider vinegar to fill the jar. Seal and let it rest for two weeks. Shake the jar daily. Pour into bottles and close tightly. Drink everyday, or whenever you feel like it.

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