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The Story of the Anti-Inflammatory Root Vegetable Soup

Once upon a time, there was a celery root and a rutabaga. Or actually, half a celery root and half a rutabaga. The two vegetables were out walking when, all of a sudden, they bumped into a book about anti-inflammatory eating.

The root vegetables looked at each other.

– What the heck is this? said the rutabaga to the celery root, suspiciously.

– I don’t know but i’m intrigued, the celery root answered cool as a cucumber.

The root vegetables opened the book and began to read. They soon realized that they could help strengthen the good bacteria in the colon and prevent chronic inflammation, and quickly decided to sink their teeth into the project.

– Listen up! the half celery root and the half rutabaga shouted to four carrots, one yellow onion, a garlic clove, 2 Tbsp vegetable broth and 1 Tbsp parsley.

The rutabaga was full of beans.

– This book is my cup of tea, said the rutabaga to the other vegetables. Let’s go bananas and jump into 6 cups of boiling water!

When the vegetables had stayed in the gently boiling water for about ten minutes, a box of chickpea pasta showed up and asked what they were up to.

– Get in and stay for five minutes! said the celery root.

And, that’s the way the cookie crumbles! We hope you enjoyed the story of the anti-inflammatory root vegetable soup, loved by the gut flora and the whole family.

And then the good bacteria in the colon lived happily ever after.

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