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Runner Up For Best Selling Non-Fiction Book in Sweden

Boy oh boy, we forgot to tell you about the list of 2017’s best selling non-fiction books in Sweden. So, how dit it go?

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw that BOTH our books ended up top five. The cookbook was number five on the list and our first book came in second place.

We’re ridiculously happy about this and thought we’d celebrate by posting some pictures from last year’s book signing here in Stockholm. In the first picture, from left to right: our incredible podcast producer, Sebastian, Lina and Mia, our translator and wizard, Katja, and last but not least, Anna, our brilliant graphic designer. And since then, as if that were not enough, the team has been reinforced with the fabulous administrator Julia, and the superb trainee Rebecka. Guess it’s time for a new family photo.

But first, time to show appreciation and express gratitude with a thank you speech. Grab your handkerchiefs, because here we go:

No words can truly express how grateful, lucky and and overwhelmed we are. Thank you for letting us into your kitchens. And thank you for your support. If it hadn’t been for you, we wouldn’t have made it this far.

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