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Our Very Own Cooking Technique

It’s time to talk about warm and cold food, or actually, the combination of both. You could say that we’ve become food magicians of a sort in how we mix warm and cold food.

We’ve always liked warm food, but when we realized that the nutrients in vegetables are lost if we heat them, we had to rethink our habits a bit. The changes didn’t spring overnight, but starting to eat large amounts of raw vegetables turned out to be a surprisingly easy task for both of us. However, we still like warm food a little too much to give it up entirely. It was no big deal to lower the heat a few notches, but eating everything cold and never cooking again was a bit too extreme.

That’s the story of how we developed our very own cooking technique. We call it half ‘n half. Here are our best tips:

Magic trick #1
We boil lentils in stock and let them cool down a little. We transfer them to a blender, mix them with a lot of raw vegetables, and press the Start button. End result: warm lentil soup with raw vegetables.

Magic trick #2
We oven-bake cod at a low temperature with tomatoes, which we know become more nutritious with heat. We serve the fish with a mound of cold potato salad. End result: warm cod with vegetables.

Magic trick #3
Cook sorghum grains in boiling water. Pour away the water and mix the grains with raw vegetables, oil, salt, nuts, pepper, and lots of wonderful herbs. End result: warm risotto (come on, use your imagination) and raw vegetables.

There are, of course, endless variations on these themes. And someday soon, you’ll find that you won’t be heating some of the dishes you used to warm up. Easy as one-two-three.

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