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Salted Dark Chocolate Popcorn

This is almost too easy to be called a recipe. But, since lines wrap around the corner for these legendary salted chocolate popcorn, we have to share this secret.

The recipe calls for these ingredients (3 tbsp coconut oil + 1.5-2 tbsp raw cacao powder + 1,5 tbsp honey).

Do like this (stir).

Do like this (add freshly popped popcorn to the chocolate sauce and mix).

Think again (add the sauce to the popcorn bowl instead – trying to mix it all in the tiny saucepan was a very bad idea).

Mix. Salt. Taste. Go hide in a corner and tell everyone that you’re gonna watch a movie (in truth, you just want to seat back and eat your popcorn in silence).

How to Make Perfect Popcorn
Use coconut oil. Add two tablespoons of coconut oil to a saucepan on low heat. Allow all of the solid oil to melt. Add organic popcorn kernels in an even layer, enough to cover the bottom of the saucepan. Cover the pot and wait for the kernels to pop. And yes, of course, popcorn (maize!) should not be part of your everyday diet. Professor Stig keeps reminding us that corn contains zein, the corn protein you should try to avoid.

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