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A Guide to Tasty Tofu

Are you one of those people who can’t remember the last time you made tofu and it turned out great? We’re converted sceptics and totally get that some people can’t stand tofu. But what if you just need some advice on the topic? Voilà, here are some ideas on how to make delicious tofu.

This is crucial. A naked-assed tofu is just as boring as a roller coaster on flat land. If you’re in a hurry you can of course buy marinated tofu, but we like to prepare it ourselves. Preferably with tamari, sesame oil, ginger and garlic.  

In our beloved cookbook (so far only available in Swedish and Polish), we pan-fry tofu no less than two times. We make “scrambled eggs” – we crumble marinated tofu and then pan-fry in coconut oil – and fish sticks – we cut the tofu in fish stick sized chunks and dip into tamari, egg and coconut flakes.

Some people say putting the tofu in the freezer for a couple of hours will work wonders for the consistency. But, don’t forget to squeeze excess liquid from it afterwards. Not pressing the water out of the tofu is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Place the tofu on paper towels, put another layer on top, and then use something heavy to weigh it down. Wait for 15 minutes and drain the excess water. Or, you can just use your hands.

If marinating, pan-frying and freezing won’t do the trick – you can always crumble the tofu. Sprinkle it raw over a salad, or use it to make delicious lasagna. In our cookbook (yup, the same one), you’ll find a recipe for lasagna in which we crumble tofu and mix it with sundried tomatoes, tamari, walnuts and fresh basil. Mouth-watering and divine. And incredibly far from the spongy and tasteless squares of tofu you get in your miso soup.

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