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3 New Ways to Love Quinoa

Quinoa has been cultivated for several thousand years, and the ancient Incas referred to it as chisaya mama, or the mother of all grains. It is in fact not really a grain, more like a gluten-free super seed. Anyhow, using quinoa instead of rice or pasta will add a lot of nutrients and protein to your meal. Not a quinoa fan yet? Keep on reading.

Add to salads
This may not come as a surprise: quinoa is a fabulous base for any kind of salad. Cook the quinoa in vegetable broth to add some extra flavor or – for even fluffier quinoa – cook in half water/half coconut milk. You can also try to add tamari, olive oil, and tahini to some cooked quinoa. Incredibly delicious, and the perfect side to this anti-inflammatory mango stew.

Make porridge
Not a bad idea at all. Of course, oatmeal is also very nutritious and high in fiber, but don’t forget that oat flakes are processed. An oat kernel is largely non-digestible and must be processed into for example oat flakes, steel-cut oats or oat flour, in order for its nutritional benefits to be realized. The more intact the grain or seed is, the better. Like naked oats for example. Anyhow, we’re not here to talk about oats. Let’s steer the conversation back to our beloved quinoa.

Add to bread
Sometimes (pretty often) you end up with leftover quinoa, and a great way to use all of that pre-cooked quinoa is to add it to bread. 

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